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Pooja is thinking quite a different way


          It is generally believed that the inner soul of an artist is reflected in his or her paintings. Puja Sarkar and her paintings fully support this believe. So fur I know her, she is in her thinking and dream, in her likings and disliking and in her whole lifestyle is out and out urban. In her paintings also this urban character, is reflected prominently.

          Nature, and even any of its distant image also entirely absent in her paintings. Not a single thing made by nature, but all the man made inanimate objects, mainly used in daily urban life, mostly related to the fashionable temperament of upper middle class, such as lipstick, sunglass, comb, mobile phone, vanity bag, umbrella, etc. Those are mainly used in her paintings. Certainly Puja feels comfortable to express her idea with the help of these objects as she belongs to that upper middle class and very much acquainted with them. Composing the image of these objects in her canvas she tells the story of the urban society and the complexity of its human relation. She finds out fun of human life in those objects. And here Puja achieves a remarkable quality in her paintings that is some sort of originality.Somebody may think that thinking this way is her artificial conscious effort. But it is not such. It comes from the core of her heart, as a major psychological factor lies behind.

           According to the choice of the family, she belongs to, she was brought up in a confinement. She was kept isolated from the outer world. Even she had not a single playmate to play with. Year after year she had to lead a life quite alone. Only the objects around her and for her daily use happened to be her only companion and they came to be very intimate with her. As a life demanded in its natural course, to her those objects were converted into human beings. Still, her youth she could not wipe out that obsession.  Gradually those became the main subjects of her paintings. Even she could find out the sexual organ in those inanimate objects. And in terms of this sexuality Puja narrated the fun and contradiction of her society. She had that confidence not to hesitate a moment to think and express in her own way.

           Her paintings are very much calculative and static due to the absence of any living being where generally a spontaneous dynamic quality exists. If this way her journey goes on for a long time, then due to this mathematical approach sometimes her paintings may look bloodless and monotonous though we know certainly it is a phase only of her creative journey. We know her journey will be going on and we will be having new dimensions in her work as she has got that talent.


                                                                                                                                                           Warm Regards

                                                                                                                  Judhajit Sengupta                                                                                                                  (Eminent Painter & Illustrator)

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