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Innermost Core of All Loneliness Make Me Crazy to Paint


Puja Sarkar - Biography

My name is Puja Sarkar; I am from Kolkata, a metropolitan city of India. I was born and brought up in Kolkata.  I completed BFA (Bachelor of Visual Arts) & MFA (Master of Fine Arts) (Specialization in Painting with 1st class) from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, India and since then I have been working as a professional artist for 10 years. In 2010 I received a prestigious Award that was given by Book Art Press, New York, USA . I have participated in Five International Sponsored Exhibitions (Including Solo Show) and more than Forty Five National Exhibitions including (Thirty Two Sponsored Shows) and also participated National Painting Camp and Workshops. I have been invited by several organizations as honorable judge in their prestigious Art Event and Activities. My works have been reviewed by the leading National and International Newspapers, Magazines etc. and I have also been interviewed in electronic media as well. My website is –


Beside my main stream profession, I founded an Artist Group in  2009  named “SMS” A Group of Artist ( which has been continuously performing many Art Events, Shows, and Exhibitions for the past ten years quite successfully.


Beside my creative activities I feel urge to contribute to the society by standing beside the ill treated, helpless and deprived people and therefore I have been involved with various social events and activities since the beginning of my student life. I have been actively working as a social activist for the last ten years. To promote this noble cause, I founded a wing of my "SMS" Group named “SMS Group Social Works”. As “SMS” A Group of Artists, we contribute foods, clothes, books and stationery on regular basis to the orphanages and homes so that these deprived peoples can feel better and take a sigh of relief. As an Artist Group, we are in path of establishing a platform through which other peoples can also reach to these orphans and deprived peoples and help them to grow along with the society. A lot of sensible people have been joining their hands with us for the noble cause and without their support we couldn't serve or help to these orphans in a big scale .


I also work professionally as an Art Instructor, Illustrator, Interior Designer, and working as VIDA fashion designer (

Furthermore, since my childhood days I have been practicing yoga. I have also been doing spiritual practice for almost fifteen years. Hence I am working as a professional spiritual consultant by helping and guiding the needy persons to develop their thoughts and will power so that they can live a normal and optimistic life.


I always believe and focus on my work and fulfill by my own self. I think what I achieve in my life is the result of consequence of nourishment my own talent and relentless hard works with determinations, honesty, and believing in my inner self. I have been passing through tough hurdles and struggles of life, a lot of pains, and rejections. However, nothing can stop me to nurture and continue my creative journey and visualizing my dreams. Failures, rejections only make me more fearless and stronger. With zeal and zest I am working hard to reach my goal.   

All these journey and experiences help me to express myself through my creations.

My hobby is writing story, singing song, listening music, reading books.


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