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Innermost Core of All Loneliness Make Me Crazy to Paint


From my childhood, I spent my life a lot of restriction and discipline as well as very much loneliness. Consequently, spending life in this way I have detached from outside incidents in the materialistic world. Therefore, I was very much intimate with many objects which were surrounding me. I felt attracted to the shapes & colors of the objects. I made a friendship & an emotional attachment to these objects.

When I grew up and connected with materialistic world, then I felt an unchangeable intimacy with some specific objects which grew up with my silence from my childhood.

I am choosing my painting’s subject based on my experiences and feelings which gives me various impressions in different times. I find many kinds of innovative forms of the objects I use every day.

I can see many organic forms in these objects and find them through my imagination. The objects are lady’s bag, shoes, lipstick, comb, mobile phone, eye-glasses, and umbrella, etc. I brought my object as a metaphor. I crafted its objectivity and functionality in a different face. Sometimes I use these objects as a motif or as a simple form. Sometimes I use hybrid images in my paintings which is belongs consciously & unconsciously in my mind. Sometimes directly & indirectly I depict sexual passion between male & female. I put in presentations executions by breaking my surface and furnishing them with different materials, based on the concept.

My paintings have a narrative, symbolic quality and juxtaposition of images. I use bright, energetic & symbolic color & textural surface for execution of paintings.I will keep on bravely with contemporary fashion & passion, problem, incident, relations, feeling, cruelty, dread, social awareness, insecurity, greediness to frame my concept letter on.


I shall be going to present and transfer the 2 dimensional illuasional objects in the real world through my concept. Therefore, I want to transfer my concept from conventional medium to unconventional medium. As a freelance artist when I work with conventional medium or unconventional medium I would like to experiment with both mediums. It helps me to reach my works in a progressive way.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PUJA SARKAR                               

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